Cosmetic Treatment After Care

Cosmetic Treatment After Care

Recovery time varies depending on which cosmetic treatment you undergo as well as the difference between each patient. Australian Cosmetic Institute cannot determine the length of your recovery time but our expert staff members can advise you on how to deal with the process efficiently and estimate the time of your after care. If you are choosing to have liposuction, your initial consultation will discuss the estimated length of recovery time.

At Australian Cosmetic Institute we pride ourselves on our level of post-procedure care and are always available for any enquiries you may have before and after the treatment. We encourage you to attend any follow up appointments after your procedure, this is to ensure both you and your practitioner are happy with the results.

Cosmetic Treatment After Care information for Anti Wrinkle Injections

1. Do not massage area for 48 hours.
2. Do not exercise for 24 hours.
3. Do not drink alcohol, take aspirin or anti-coagulants.
4. Remain upright for approxiamately 4 hours.
5. Do not have any facial treatments for 48 hours.
6. Anti-wrinkle Injections can take up to 7-14 days to be fully effective.
7. Slight redness and possible slight bruising may occur at the injection site.
8. Make up may be applied as usual.
9. If you have any further queries please contact Australian Cosmetic Institute on the contact numbers above.

Liposuction Post Operative Compression Garments

Post Operative Compression garments are a vital part of the recovery process. A high quality, properly fitted post operative compression garment can aid in body contouring and akin retraction while helping to reduce swelling and flushing your body of potentially harmful fluids. Compression garments also are very important for your comfort. In addition to swelling immediately after the procedure, the compression provided by the garment makes you more comfortable during the recovery process.

All compression garments are not created equal. There is a big difference in a compression garment- like a compression girdle you might find in your local store or a pair of exercise shorts- and a post operative garment. A high quality post operative compression garment is specifically designed for extended wear during the recovery process and has many unique features that are not found in and off the shelf girdle, bra or air of athletic pants.

Our quality post operative garments are designed for wear after a specific medical procedure, this is the reason we have many different garment styles. In addition, the garments feature details like flat lock stitching, no seams at key surgical areas and all labels on the outside of the garment that will help make you more comfortable during the recovery process. Most garments feature an open crotch so the garment does not need to be removed at any time for the first 7 days. We have also incorporated a sense of style in the garments – we know that the garments might be worn for an extended time and want them to be as stylish as possible.

Why do I need a high quality garment for my post surgical procedure?
Wearing a high quality garment will help the recovery process by:
? Reducing swelling
? Help flush harmful fluids from the body by compressing the skin
? Compression flushing reduces bruising and infection
? Helps aid in the process of contouring and shaping your body

When do I wear the compression garments? How long do I wear them for?
For the first week (7 days), the compression garment needs to worn for 24 hours a day. It must not be taken off to shower, and can be dried with a hair dryer if necessary.
After this first week you can take the garment off to shower, but it must still be kept on at all other times, for the following 5-6 weeks.

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