Bruxism – Jaw Reduction & Teeth Grinding Treatment

Bruxism; Jaw Reduction & Teeth Grinding Treatment:

BRUXISM – Australian Cosmetic Institute offer Anti Wrinkle Injections at our South Yarra Clinic, as a popular and effective solution for jawline slimming and Bruxism (Teeth Grinding). The Dysport is a muscle relaxant and reduces the size of the masseter muscles of the jaw.

Bruxism can be caused by excessive teeth grinding and clenching or a rare condition of idiopathic cause. Bruxism is often more than just an aesthetic issue as individuals often report that it causes severe headaches as well as daily pain and discomfort. It has also been reported that over time, sufferers incur hypersensitive teeth and unnatural tooth wear which can lead to expensive denta; work such as crown, fillings or even tooth replacement. The overuse of the masseter muscles from chronic grinding also leads to cosmetic insecurities resulting in a square jaw and enlargement in the size.

The treatment is simple and highly effective, with minimal to no pain. The Australian Cosmetic team at the South Yarra Clinic treat this as a walk in-walk out clinic with no downtime or recovery.

About the Procedure

  • Muscle Relaxant Injections are injected into the masseters of each side of the mouth
  • The procedure is quick and causes minimal to no pain taking around 15 minutes


How many treatments are needed?
The team at Australian Cosmetic Institute in South Yarra, often advise that treatment should be repeated 4-8 weeks later to ensure the best results are achieved and maintained. Our expert Injectors ensure all of our patients are looked after and given reviews at appropriate dates.

What are the side effects?
Jaw Reduction and Bruxism treatment has little to no side effects, slight bruising and swelling may occur but this often goes down within 1-2 days.

How long do the results from the jawline reduction and bruxism treatment last?
ACI have experience patients that found their habit of grinding their teeth wore off over time breaking the cycle even after the Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment stopped.

Why choose Australian Cosmetic Institute South Yarra for your treatment?

  • Experienced team of nurses, doctors and surgeons
  • Great location

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