In simple terms, we're top players in the Cosmetics game. Australian Cosmetic institute have a combined 35 years of experience in achieving natural looking, incredible results for our clients. If you’re looking for safe and effective cosmetic treatments, look no further.

The Institute was founded by our legend of a boss Dr Josef Goldbaum, whose training as a cosmetic surgeon along with his experience as a general practice doctor and anti ageing medicine expert combines to make him the best in the game. 

Call him Midas because everything his hands touched turned to gold! With over 5000 liposuctions and countless injectable patients under his belt, you can rest assured that our Cosmetic Nurses have had the best training available and provide the best results.

We know that sometimes it can be scary to put your faith in someone elses hands. But trust us when we say, we have your best interests at heart! You deserve to feel as great as you can which is why with our experience we make things as easy and streamlined as possible.

We are a wealth of knowledge so feel free to give us a call or book in for a free consultation. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We are loud, professional and talented and we're passionate about providing a fantastic experience for our clients. When you join the Institute, you're joining our family so take a moment to meet out exceptional team of doctors and nurses.

Dr Josef Goldbaum









We believe you deserve to look and feel as you want to, and we're committed to smashing the stigma surrounding Cosmetic Treatments. Australian Cosmetic Institute provides the spark to ignite loving yourself and the skin you're in. With honest and transparent information and approachable experienced staff, we're ready to walk the line with you! Our difference is simple:


We never compromise on safety EVER. Even in the apocalypse, we’ll be there with rubber gloves on to get you out safely. We ensure best quality of care during your treatments  and our commitment to you extends beyond your first visit with us. Our staff are trained in all cutting edge treatments and are the best at what they do.


Our cosmetic nurses have continual injecting development both under our resident cosmetic surgeon who has 25+ years experience and from Industry leader, Galderma injecting courses. We’re often receiving high praise for our injecting abilities from the Galderma instructors who train our nurse injectors… we must be alright: P


We set an example of professionalism and safety in the non-surgical cosmetic industry.  All of our experienced professionals are trained to our exact standards leading to consistent results for our clients. At ACI you will always receive the same level of thoroughness and expertise with every treatment. 

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